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30 07-31-2023 OpenPubkey (Augmenting OpenID Connect with User held Signing Keys): Why I think it is the most important security research I’ve done
29 01-21-2023 Timeline of the Circle-CI Hack (2022)
28 01-16-2023 The Terminal Escape Sequences Ocean is Deep and Dark: Debugging a Virtual Terminal
27 01-03-2022 Welcome to the year 2023
26 11-18-2019 Moving Arwen’s Ethereum smart contract to create2
25 11-04-2019 The Design of Arwen’s Ethereum Escrow Smart Contract
24 09-17-2017 Breaking the Crypto used in IOTA
23 11-18-2015 Is PlayStation 4 Network Traffic Especially Difficult to Decrypt?
22 09-09-2015 A Brief Examination of Hacking Team’s Crypter: core-packer.
21 02-13-2015 How many IP addresses can a DNS query return?
20 01-14-2015 A Response to Wertheimer's 'Encryption and the NSA Role in International Standards'.
19 12-10-2014 Are IP Address Allocations Property?
18 11-12-2014 On the NSA's Thinking Behind the Decision to Backdoor a US Cryptographic Standard.
17 10-08-2014 Definitions of COLLECTION within the Intelligence Community and the Law.
16 03-12-2014 GCHQ Deception Slides Cribbed from Bell and Whaley's Book 'Cheating and Deception' (1982)
15 02-13-2014 SHAKE: or On Naming a NIST Standard
14 02-05-2014 Defending an Unowned Internet: Dissecting the Question of the Social Good of Communication Security
13 01-04-2014 New Paper: One Weird Trick to Stop Selfish Miners: Fresh Bitcoins, A Solution for the Honest Miner
12 12-20-2013 A Brief History of NSA Backdoors.
11 10-16-2013 On Trusting Authorities: Weighing the Risks of the RPKI
10 9-18-2013 Three Great Games I Played at the Boston Festival of Indie Games
9 10-19-2012 Why Google Should Customize your Gmail Login Page to Prevent Phishing.
8 09-15-2012 BrainCookies, Johnny Mnemonic, and Other Uses for 'Neuroscience Meets Cryptography'
7 08-14-2012 A Review of William Liscum Borden's 'There Will Be No Time: The Revolution in Strategy'
6 08-07-2012 Imagining a Secure Backdoor Cipher
5 08-1-2012 A Look at Security Through Obesity
4 07-25-2012 Castle meet Cannon: What to do after you lose?
3 07-17-2012 FlipIt: An Interesting Game
2 02-21-2012 An Interview, Bio-Ciphers, and the Kwisatz Haderach
1 09-22-2011 Proving the Differential Resistance of MD6
0 10-02-2009 Spectral Hash Broken