FlipIt - The Game of Stealthy Takeover

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to play as the blue player to flip.

Click start to start the game. You are playing the blue player. The board will appear grey until you flip to learn the state of the board.


About The Game

FlipIt was invented by Marten van Dijk, Ari Juels, Alina Oprea, and Ronald L. Rivest in the paper FLIPIT: The Game of "Stealthy Takeover".

The game was developed to model Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs and other strategic games of limited information. For example flipIt is very similar to the situations faced by spy agencies and insurgent networks in which members of an network may have been flipped, double crossing the network. Such betrayals will remain unknown to the network until the network actively and at high cost either launches an investigation or flips an enemy agent to learn which friendly agents have been flipped.

This implementation of flipIt was written in javascript and HTML by Ethan Heilman. As of July 2012 this is the only computer implementation of the game. For the source code and further documentation please visit flipIt on github.